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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ready to SCREAM!

I swear, this project has driven me mad! I don't know if I can stand the sight of it for one more minute!

It took me a ridiculously long time to lay down the first of two finishing rounds, mainly because the counts for each side were given so precisely that it was obvious that this was a thing that matters. Which it does, for the second round - picot stitches separated by two slip stitches, so the round had to end with a count that is a multiple of 3 in order for the last round to come out right. Late late last night (or rather, early this morning), as I began working that round (having gotten a bit of a late start due to a lengthy phone conversation), I ran into one of the infamous knots that my Jiffy yarn has been plagued with throughout this project. The minute I hit that knot, I lost all recall of the number I had just announced to myself as I counted my stitches, a problem that bugs me no end! I was using safety pins to mark every 50 stitches at that point, so it really was only a matter of counting from the last safety pin once I undid enough stitches to cut and reattach the yarn in order to continue, but my brain was already shutting down such that this became an almost impossible task. It was definitely time to wrap up and go to bed. Of course, Meeps was out, which is why I made the previous post, in an effort to stay awake a little bit longer to give her a chance to make it back home, but she was still gone when I checked after posting. Fortunately, it wasn't horribly cold out last night, and she does have access to the garage, so I stumbled off to bed. I don't think I was conscious when my head hit the pillow.

Spent several hours finishing off that round, finding (much to my distress) that I can't even count to 25 accurately - I had begun placing my safety pins at this shorter interval to make the counting easier since I was having trouble making the numbers given and had to make adjustments. It will remain to be seen if I managed to hit a number of stitches that will be a multiple of 3. Finally, I started on the final round, a mind-numbing round of slip stitch, slip stitch, slip stitch ch 3 slip stitch. I hate slip stitches, because invariably, the slipping accomplished is usually the stitch off of my hook instead of through the loop on it. It's a screamingly slow process for me.

And now I'm faced with having to add yet another ball of Jiffy yarn to continue, since I have run out on the current ball. How to attach new yarn on a slip stitch only row? I'd much prefer to avoid having tails to hide at this late stage - I've mostly managed to avoid this throughout the project, mostly by working over the ends and, when that wasn't practical, using the Russian join technique. This second option is probably what I will choose to do at this point, even though there might be a problem with the slightly thicker yarn over that join section. But my patience is at an end. The ball of Jiffy I grabbed turned out to be yet another problem child, and I ended up gutting the middle of it in search of that elusive end, and had to set it aside to be dealt with when I have more patience. The next ball I grabbed was much better. But I'm too flustered to be able to do the join technique, and tiredness is sneaking up on me yet again, so I think I will indulge myself in a rare nap before attempting to continue, maybe my mood will have improved and I will be able to make the necessary progress to reach the finish line by tonight. I sure hope so. It's reaching the torture stage to have to work another stitch on this thing.

Ironic, but here I sit, in the same predicament as last time - Meeps is out, and I want to go to bed. Hopefully this time she won't be a no-show. And hopefully, my next post will be of a finished afghan.


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