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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Slow start...

It was late late late before I finally sat down and started my chain for the afghan. Worked on it while watching a movie, with a few breaks and one major break while I took an important phone call. I just finished up row 5 and am calling it a night. I'm surprised I did so well, considering that I netted about 2 hours' worth of sleep yesterday and did some running around in the late afternoon/early evening. I have more running around to do later today, and I may end up visiting Phil tomorrow evening (though the project will be with me at all times from now on), but I will hopefully still be able to devote more time and concentration on it. While I was at the library yesterday (one of my "running around" stops), I browsed through and picked up two audio-books. I'd love to watch movies while working this afghan, but since much of it requires that I actually look at it while stitching, it's a tad hard. I know I found myself stopping numerous times last night to just watch various parts of the movie, which is one of the reasons why I only have 5 rows to show for my efforts out of the gate. Hopefully, listening to a book on CD while working on my afghan will work to help me speed up. I'm going into day 2 of this challenge 7 rows short! My goal for tomorrow is to catch those 7 rows up and then lay down the designated 12 for the day.

I'll provide a progress pic with my next update!

Along with the website for this CAL (you can click on the big Olympic button in my sidebar to go to it), a yahoo group has been set up for participants to chatter amongst themselves - and boy are they chattering! I doubt I'll be able to keep up there and actually get any crocheting done, so I'll be mostly skimming posts as time permits, maybe adding a comment or two of my own along the way. We had a pretty decent number of people sign up for the CAL (for those who may be scratching their heads - CAL is short for "Crochet-Along", meaning a group of folks working on the same project together. In this case, the "project" is the Olympic Challenge, and the actual items being crocheted differ from one person to the next), and it appears that most of them also signed onto the yahoo group as well.

Okay, gonna post this and then wrap up for tonight (such a nit-picker you are! Okay, this morning! Satisfied?) and try to get some real sleep. I keep drifting off at the keyboard here, I think that's my cue...


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