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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday ramblings

Never did make it to the 'Ville last night. I was so paranoid about not getting those last 6 rows done that I kept putting it off in the hopes of finishing up my row requirements before signing in, since I knew that as soon as I did so, a giant sucking noise would ensue here. The sound of time disappearing down the vortex of my computer! So, I sent my maiden post off to the Crochet Olympics yahoo group I'd joined at the beginning of the event, and loaded up my progress pictures for sharing there instead, and got my six rows done. It was 4 am by the time I got there, a tad too late to be signing on for catching up purposes on the forum, so I decided to wait yet again.

Signed on to Crochetville today, to find twenty pages of new posts waiting for me to browse, gulp! I think it was sometime around 1 or 1:30ish when I signed on, and five hours have passed... I may have managed to visit links from a grand total of one page's worth of new posts in all that time, due mainly to the fact that my computer is being a real P.I.T.A. today - "resolving host" for just about EVERY link I click, and each one taking no less than a full minute of "resolving" before the page will load! Some of them have taken so long that they've timed out and I've ended up with an error message instead. I'm getting nowhere fast, sigh.

And now I have to throw myself together and run out to take care of a couple of errands that I've put off for the last couple of days. I just have not wanted to take ANY time out from working on this afghan to even run essential errands until I have no choice - and this evening, I have no choice!

I also have yet to start in on today's row quota, which I will do as soon as I get back from my errands. I have a minimum of 10 rows to do, but am shooting for an ambitious 12 - I am antsy now to finish this thing up ASAP, as the cacaphony of yarn hollering at me to "work on me next - ME ME ME!!!" keeps getting louder and louder, lol! I suspect that once I finish this 'ghan, I will be starting on about 5 different projects at once!

I have the square I had started prior to the beginning of this Olympic challenge that I want to complete, and add companion squares to - with the plan of forwarding on to Drew for the HMB group, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. After sorting through the bulk of my yarn, I have coralled and isolated my acrylic yarns for this project, which will be an ongoing one, or at least that's the plan. I am hoping to have one square in process all the time regardless of what else I may be working on, at least for the next several months, and when I have a reasonable number of them to fill a good flat rate postage pack, I will forward them on. I had spent some time earlier in the month collecting and printing out a bunch of nice 12 inch square patterns to use for this little project I'm hoping my Olympic run will have helped me in the speed department, as I've found getting even a simple 12 inch square crocheted took me a ridiculous amount of time. I envy those who can crank one out in a few hours!

Beyond that, my first major project, post-Olympics, will be the bag I have planned for my purse/tote swap - hoping to be done with the afghan early enough to chain the start of this project Saturday, but it will definitely be by no later than Sunday when I start on it, and I'm not anticipating it to take me more than a week to get this project done and mailed if all goes as planned, this estimate being based on how long it took me to do my sample piece.

I'd like to finish up my Iris Seraphina, which is at approximately the half-way mark. I hadn't really been pushing myself all that hard on it, since it is not a suitable shawl for winter, but spring is coming (hope springs eternal!), and I'd like to have it ready for wearing by then.

I have some experimental laceweight and thread scarves and other projects to try, as soon as I can clear the schedule for them. Successful ones will be gifts.

Doilies I'd like to do... A cotton bathroom rug, which is sorely needed (my floor is bare!)... That sweater for Phil, and a cardi for my daughter... Just a few of the many projects floating about in my brain or being suggested by the yarns in my overflowing stash - I desperately need to start working it down, as it's spilling out all over the place here!

There's lots of other things I wanted to mention, but I need to finish this up - and get those errands run. I am far too good at this procrastinating thing! And I'm running out of time for a couple of the errands I need to do.

Will close for now with a
shot (unfortunately very fuzzy) of my furry companion, who always looks sweet and innocent when her eyes are closed! Maybe she'll give me another opportunity to get a better picture later tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. Oh well, there are always other chances, when is she ever NOT cute looking? Of course, that could just be my prejudice talking, LOL!

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Until later...


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