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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Zooming down the Home Stretch! Goin' for the Gold!

Crochet Olympics - Day 13 Update: she's gonna make it, folks!

I swear, I've been on an emotional see-saw with this project! Actually, now that I think about it, I tend to ride that piece of playground equipment with ALL my major projects. Oh well. Guess it's just a sign of my insecurity coupled with the obsessive desire for perfection, usually thwarted by my nerve-induced ineptness that keeps me feeling off-balance with these things. Completion of these projects is thus hard-earned but ultimately oh so satisfying!

Today, the see-saw is in the UP position! Until now, I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to meet the deadline for completing this project. I had again lost so much time yesterday that I felt myself falling behind on my quota row count, which never fails to put me in a state of panic. But yesterday was not a total waste in spite of it - I did manage to finally get all the taxes done for both me and Phil, and just in time too, since my service went down last night for several hours, shortly after I posted my last wildly rambling update message. I was at row 106 at that point, and when I finally crawled into bed this morning (yes, it was daylight by then), I had made it all the way to row 118! As of this writing, I have completed 123 rows. My goal is to get at least 8 more rows done tonight so that I will head into the final 3 days (I'm not counting Sunday, more on that shortly) with 21 rows, per the pattern requirement, left to do. Depending on it's measurements at that point, there may be a need for an additional 8 rows before I can proceed with the 2 rounds to finish the project off. The end is in sight!!!

I think I feel comfortable enough now to lift the foot off the accelerator and start thinking about picking up the other pieces of my life again, or at least the ones I was able to set aside. My house could sure use a cleaning! And I am looking forward to finally not feeling guilty about signing in and losing several hours of time hanging out at Crochetville, yay!

As far as my not counting Sunday: as I understand it, the deadline Sunday is at 2 pm (same time as we started a week ago Friday). Because of my tendency toward a topsy-turvy sleep schedule, I can't chance leaving myself a window of only a couple of hours to finish this project up on Sunday, so my plan is to have it completed before I hit the sack Saturday night/Sunday morning - whatever time that may be! As long as I stay on track, this should be attainable.

And it can't come soon enough! A large part of my difficulty yesterday had to do with boredom. I'm tired of this project and anxious to get on to other things. I've hit that burnout stage that under more normal circumstances would see this project getting stuffed in a bag for awhile, to be completed some months down the line. But (obviously) not this time! I was reading the updates posted on Yarn Harlot's blog earlier, and in yesterday's entry (it's toward the end of the post), she mentioned being in a "black hole" spot on her project (if she actually pulls it off and completes that sweater by the deadline, she will earn my undying awe - have you seen the project she chose to do? In sixteen days??? OMG! And even she has been questioning her sanity over her choice, as this hilarious entry from Monday shows. Just so you know she's not completely over the edge, she's making a woman's size version of the sweater. But still...). A "Black Hole" for a knitter is the part of the project where you knit and knit and knit and seemingly make no visible progress - no increase in size seems to result. For a crocheter, I think, that "Black Hole" is more the abyss of absolute boredom, where you feel like you just can't STAND to start another row (or round). This is made infinitely worse when the majority of the work you are doing is unrelenting rows of nothing but single crochet stitches, which combines a bit of the knitter's dilemma with the crocheter's sentiment - the project grows oh so slowly when you are stacking row upon row of single crochet stitches upon each other! Fortunately for me, I did have the break of a row of single crochet mixed with front post slant stitches and another where the singles were mixed with the long double crochet stitches. But 50% of this afghan is still made up of those mind-numbing sc rows anyway - can't tell you how many times I've dozed off in the middle of a stitch while working those otherwise super-easy rows! But luckily, it is almost done, and I can escape that black hole now.

Here's a pic I snapped earlier, before adding the last two rows. This is a progress shot taken at 121 completed rows, the last one I will share before this baby is completed, at which time I will share pictures of
the final result:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Looks good, no?

I happened to do a browse session through my Homespun stash earlier this afternoon, for something else, and what do you believe I found? TWO skeins of Regency, the color I'm using for this project! I had started out with less than the called-for amount of this yarn due to a mental math malfunction, necessitating me to scramble to pick up the 2 skeins I was short (using 40% off coupons, no less). Monday night, I had picked up another skein because even if I have enough to complete the project, I have plans to eventually make a matching pillow for it out of what yarn is left over (and it's now looking like it will be enough for TWO pillows, not counting this extra find). Too bad I hadn't thought to check my Homespun stash before shopping, but I honestly did not believe I had any of that colorway on hand! Well, now I'm more than flush with materials, I guess - one less thing to have panic attacks over.

Okay, gonna go lay down two more rows before I sign onto Crochetville, as I anticipate losing several hours there, and don't want to lose my momentum...


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