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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday already?

My purse swap package sped to it's recipient: I mailed it Saturday and it was in her hands Monday! Wow, that was FAST! From her reaction in her post on the swap thread, I'm thinking she likes it. But she mentioned something that somehow went completely over my head when I planned and created this tote: she is allergic to wool. She said it doesn't seem to be bothering her, however, and I'm hoping that will continue to be the case. But how could I have missed that??? I thought, at first, "why didn't she mention this in her sign-up form?". So I went and looked, and by golly she DID mention it - how could I have not noticed? And it wasn't a quick little reference in passing either, she made mention of it two or three times! I swear, I'm losing it! Definitely early onset senility!

Now that it is in her hands, I can share pics of it here. My Masterpiece:
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You can see a little pictorial of the bag in the folder I set up for it, start here and click "Next" to move from page to page and see them all!

Once I finished up and got the bag off in the mail, I turned my attention to the next major project on my March challenge list: the squares I pledged for HMB. Sad to say that it's been rather slow going here with these. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I keep making these stupid mistakes that result in far too many visits to the frog pond. I had one square I worked on for several days, I could have made 3 more squares with the amount of stitches I had to frog and redo on that thing! Can't tell you how relieved I was to finally finish it up TODAY. In the meantime, to save what little sanity I had left, I had started on the next square and got that one wrapped up last night (not as bad but yes, there was frogging involved with that one too). I only just started on square #8 out of 20 today, and already I had to rip back round 2. But I'm moving forward again, have (successfully - aka don't need to be doin' no froggin'!) made it to round 4 and I will now have to take a break to run out for some errands which I delayed doing. I would have had more than 4 done but Phil stopped by for awhile. I'll go ahead and post this and hopefully I'll be back later with more. If not, then tomorrow! Soon!

Okay, whenever...


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