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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is long overdue! Iris Seraphina Update, etc.

It was some months ago, as I recall, that I promised update pics of my Iris Seraphina. Alas, the poor thing got put on the back burner for awhile as I pursued other projects. Since it wasn't a winter-weight shawl, I didn't feel any urgency on getting it completed anyway, but now that Spring is beginning to show serious signs of imminent arrival, I am. I had decided that once I finished up my HMB squares, one of the first projects I would take up was this shawl. I've taken a couple of shots of it in it's current state, and in the process have realized to my delight that I was further along with it than I'd realized! Here's a full view of it, laid out across the back of my couch, cleverly stuck to a fleece blanket:

Image hosting by Photobucket

and here's a closeup view of the stitches at the point:

Image hosting by Photobucket

If you'd like to get a better look at either of the above pics, go here (for full view) and here (for closeup view). Until I get savvy and figure out how to set those links up to open in a separate window when you click on 'em, you'll have to use your nifty "back" button to return to this page...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes - further along than I'd realized. Per Doni's notes on this shawl, the average size of most is 25 shells per side, or a total of 51 (25 + 25 + 1 for the centerpoint shell). As of this picture update, I am one and a half rows into my current pattern sequence series, with two and a half left to go to complete it, at which point I will have 23 shells per side! Because it is a laceweight, 25 shells per side leaves the shawl at a size which is a bit on the small side for my taste. My previous Seraphina, the Shimmer, was taken to 29 shells per side, which was plenty long. But I am only going to take Iris to 27 shells, and fringe her. So I am looking at ten and a half more rows to go! Looking at these pics, I know she doesn't look all that large (at least not to me she doesn't), I'm thinking next time I need to include something in the pic to give it the proper size perspective. Adding to the impression of smallness is the tendency of the yarn to kind of "bunch up" a bit, it's very springy sproingy so when I smooth it out, it doesn't stay stretched. Blocking ought to cure that, though. Shimmer didn't have that problem, but I suspect that's because it was 30% silk. This one is 100% Alpaca.

So, Iris will be the first item on my "April Challenges" list. I am also going to haul out the Cosetta shrug I was working on back in November, which got stalled due to my inability to decide on how I wanted to proceed - I was loosely following the "Mrs Who Shrug Schematics" I had saved from the thread of that name on Crochetville. I'm estimating that I'm probably about halfway through this project and I would like to get it done in time for a chance to wear it before the hot summer months makes it less likely for me to do so (it is wool, after all). So that is the second item on my list for April.

I am also itchin' and dyin' to start up yet another shawl that has appealed to me, and I have some neat yarn available that I think will work very nicely with the pattern. That is the "Alpaca Angel Crochet Shawl" which initially hadn't excited me so much, but then I saw it made by someone else in Crochetville's Show & Tell forum, and it just knocked my socks off! So I gotta make it!

Along with all of that, I will also make four more squares for the HMB project, these I will send to The Crochet Dude per his request to fellow Crochetville members and other interested crocheters (meaning you too, if you're so moved!). I had originally planned on sending him some of my 20 squares, but since Crochetlist was offering a couple of, uhm, incentives for their March drive, I decided I would send all to them this time and make it up to Drew afterward. Since they're all going to the same organization anyway, I don't think it's going to matter too much!

Well, I have plenty more to babble on about, but I have 20 tags to apply to 20 squares which then must be packed up into their box for mailing tomorrow, and they are just about ready to come out of the dryer for this last step of the process, so I will have to sign off for now. Besides, I'd like to try to get some progress made on Iris now that I've pulled her out again. Oh yeah, just wanted to mention that I will have to block this shawl (I hadn't found it necessary with the Shimmer Shawl) as the yarn is very fluffy, which makes the stitches kind of bunch up a bit. I had recently read a tutorial on blocking large items (such as shawl, how serendipitous!) on Yarn Harlot's blog, so I will have a chance to test it out. I'm thinking I will probably do the blocking before I fringe.

More babbles tomorrow!


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