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Thursday, May 25, 2006

At long last!

I know it's been awhile - sorry about that! I spent the better part of last week through this past Tuesday dog-sitting for my daughter while she was away on a business trip. Bella and I got along famously (she was very well-behaved for me the whole time, good doggie!) and I had the rare experience of watching television again after some seven-odd years away. Seems I picked a good week to drop into the scene too, with many of the regular prime-time shows having their season finales. My daughter has cable and tivo and all those fancy electronic gizmos attached to her TV, but frankly they all only served to intimidate me more than anything else so I didn't really explore much beyond changing the channels (once I figured out how on her remote of a million buttons, lol) and even managing to record a few shows I was in the process of watching when it became time for a Bella-walk.

I never could get comfortable enough with her laptop to get anything accomplished online, couldn't even keep up with the gazillion emails I get on a regular basis, which on my own system are automatically filtered into their own special folders. Having them all mixed together in one inbox on one screen with no (easy) way to quickly sort them out to find the gems, I quickly fell behind and finally gave up altogether, deciding it was a well-deserved holiday away from my online life. Other than the occasional quick scan of subjects and authors, I mostly left the emails to pile up for downloading once I got back home.

And then there was that pineapple shawl... I had been hoping to finish it up before my scheduled dog-sitting trip, but managed to screw up again and had to take another dip in the frog pond. This discovery was made late Sunday night, and since Monday was mostly spent trying to get ready for my weeklong stay, I didn't have time for the swim and decided I'd just take it with me and do it there. I had already determined that I would not have enough yarn to make it to the end, but fortunately was able to get more of this fabulous yarn, however it would not be arriving until the end of the week so I wasn't in a mad rush by that time, knowing there would be a delay. I quickly got the frogging done and ran myself all the way to the end of my supply Tuesday evening and then packed the shawl away. I had made it almost halfway through the 2 pineapples "row", so there really wasn't too much left to do, once I got replenished with yarn. I came home for a short break Saturday night through Monday morning (had an important phone call to make and my daughter is a cell phone gal, so no phone at her house) to find my yarn waiting on my doorstep, yay! Sunday, I sat down and went to town, thinking I'd get this shawl all wrapped up before having to return to doggie-duty, and I came close, really close! And wouldn't you know it... Yup, yet another dive into the pond. This is really getting old! I had somehow skipped over a stitch on one of my pineapples so that one was ending a row before the other one. Upon examination, I discovered it was in the very first row I'd done on Sunday, with the new yarn, practically the first stitch! Ooh, did that one sting!

Since I didn't want to carry the whole cone of yarn with me to my daughter's house, I took a major gamble and unraveled as much as I guesstimated I would need to finish the project, cut it off and wound it up, and wrapped everything up to take with me, figuring I'd do the unraveling of the rows once I got back to Bellaville on Monday. And by Monday night, I finally reached that finish line, with only a few yards to spare - whew! Talk about cutting it close!

This shawl is majorly large! If I just drape it over my shoulders, it actually drags the ground behind me, lol! But fortunately, when I pull up the sides to hang over my arms, it gathers up a bit around the top and brings the bottom up off the ground, though it still might be a good idea for me to wear this shawl with some heels. I'll admit, I did want a long shawl though, and it IS pretty spectacular looking wrapped around me! I didn't get around to weaving in those last few ends until today, and then I took a few pics (as best I could, considering the size of this thing) to share here. These aren't the best shots in the world, but it was the best I could do with the available props and lighting.

Front view:
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Back view:
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Spread out on a king-sized blanket laid over
rapidly growing grass (not a very flat surface, in other words):
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Once I got the kinks worked out of the pattern, it was pretty easy to do, but I would definitely recommend that if you're going to use a heavier weight yarn and larger hook than the pattern calls for originally - go with the small size, at least! Original pattern was done in sportweight yarn and an E hook, I used an H hook with a yarn that technically would be considered a bulky due to the slubs of cotton, though the base yarn was relatively thin. The H was the smallest hook this yarn was willing to work with, sometimes a bit grudgingly. And I decided to work the medium size instead of the small. I will say, this will definitely keep the chill away on a cool evening, though it's not quite heavy enough for a winter-weight shawl. I'm also thinking this pattern would work great in thread too, but then you'd definitely want to go large in that case.

If I can find a competent camera operator and can make myself look decent enough for a photo-shoot, I'll try to get some pics up of me modeling my luxurious new shawl. Soon, I hope!

I am still contemplating what to tackle next, and to be honest, I've been having a difficult time deciding for various reasons. I'm sorely tempted to give it a shot with this yarn in a cardi or shrug, but there are also many other projects and yarns (and threads too!) vying for my scattered attention! I will also shortly have less time for crocheting as other things are coming up in my life that will keep me from it for awhile, but I'm hoping not for too long. I'll try to drop in for an update every once in awhile here as well, as time permits.

Ciao folks!


  • At 12:24 AM, Blogger sara said…

    hey lady!!! i was looking for you. the shawl is breat-taking!!!! i can't wait to see it modeled. i hope whatever is coming up won't keep you away from us

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    That is truly did an excellent job on it!

  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger Norah said…

    That shawl is so beautiful!!!

  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger Micky said…

    It's wonderful!

  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger vicki said…

    goldi, i amin awe of your shawl, i want to make that same one and i actually have yarn that is similar as yours(maybe we bought from the same seller lol) i am wanting to make this for my baby sis for christmas and since it seemed to have worked up fairly fast for you i might just do it this summer. thanks for sharing and hope your days go better hugggs


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