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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I just couldn't resist it!

I was just plain bored yesterday with my current projects and looking to start up something new. I had some fabulous yarn I was itching to turn into something, and after a bit of fooling around, decided to fall back on the old reliable standby - a Seraphina! I have named this new baby "Seasprite", which happens to be the colorway name of this luscious yarn, another winner from Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee line called Featherwisp. This is a very thin furry-ribbony yarn with a very generous 293 yards on the skein - and I just a few moments ago discovered it has another property that increases it's possibilities for projects: it has stretch! Had I realized that sooner (as in before I started up this shawl), I would have seriously considered it for the fitted tank top I've been dying to make! Well, there's always later. This yarn is going to become a permanent fixture on my yarny "wish list"!

So, I managed to lay down 10 rows on this shawl yesterday, and I think this project will go very quickly. Although the yarn is a bit fiddly (it's extremely slippery-soft), it has not been hard to work with. My only concern is that I do my best not to have my usual spate of stupid errors, as this is NOT a frog-friendly material! It snags on itself easily when trying to undo stitches, and will not come loose for love or money, so I will have to be VERY careful! I will keep my fingers crossed I catch my errors quickly, and that those not caught will be minor enough to slip by without notice. Fortunately, this is a type of yarn that will allow that.

So, here's my baby Seasprite,

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This one's going to be a knockout, I can tell. I can hardly wait to finish her up so I can wear her!


  • At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the colors in that yarn!


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