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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update on my "June Challenges"

Although there's not a huge amount to report, I thought I'd provide a couple of updates on some of my projects. I seem to be locked into a "slow speed" setting lately, which is driving me nuts, with the wicked critic in my head singing the usual "should" tunes at me as I contemplate how little I seem to have accomplished so far. I normally do best when I stay focused on one project from start to completion, but I have SO MANY projects I am DYING to do, and so much yarn waving at me to pick it up and work it, that I find myself constantly distracted by it all, and therefore getting nowhere fast, it seems.

I have managed to resist the temptation to start another half a dozen projects until I get at least 2 out of my 4 current WIPs completed. The 4 projects are (in no particular order other than what springs to mind and fingers first) are:

1 - Maple, the wrap top/bolero from Berroco, which is very close to being finished - finally! It ended up taking me two extra balls of the Incredible ribbon for this, even though yardage was the same as for the Zen, and I'm thinking this may be due to the differences in the types of ribbon yarn they are. I need to pick up one ball, as I was short (by the new yardage requirements), so as soon as I have that, I can finish it. I am not providing an update shot of this one since it's so close to finishing, will post an FO shot of it once I can call it that! Which, hopefully, will be soon.

2 - a super-simple dishcloth that I started last week to have something I could work on while in an important interview I had, plus this is my portable project. I am about halfway through with this one. I will save pics on this for when it is done, whenever that may be.

3 - Short 'n Sweet, from the Happy Hooker book. I am currently focusing on this one, as progress has been slow to this point. I finally finished up the left front piece and have started working the body as of last night. This pic was taken after I fastened off on the left front and before I started the body. I took some time to hide the numerous tails that I had created from following the directions, there being only 2 less due to the fact that I managed to find another way to get those extra stitches onto the beginning of Row 8 without following their silly instructions for it. My plan is to make this little jacket about waist length, as I don't feel comfortable with jackets that stop just below my (rather ample) bust - I don't think it's flattering on me at that short of a length. I am still feeling a bit uncertain about my choice of yarn for this project - I am using Lion Brand Cotton - it seems a bit too thick and is a b-*-t-c-h to work with for this project, probably a bit too bulky for such a textured stitch, but we'll see. I do definitely plan to make another (perhaps more) of this pattern, as I really do like the style and the versatility of it, and I certainly have plenty of yarn choices to make it in several colors/lengths if I so desire!

(click on the pic to see a larger version):

4 - and last but not least, my Seasprite Seraphina, which is patiently waiting for another turn on my lap. Because of my discovery of the stretchy property of this Yarn Bee "Featherwisp" yarn (I can be a bit slow sometimes!), and the observation of weight and stretchiness of my shawl so far, I have decided to make this more of a "scarf" length rather than a full-blown shawl. I currently am on the 4 row sequence that will bring my total shells per side to 9 and I will work one more set of 4 rows, bringing the total to 11 shells per side, at which point I may finish this off and call it an FO, if it looks like it's enough. If I were to attempt another shawl with this material, I would definitely match it up with a non-stretchy yarn to give it more stability, but boy is this thing a piece of eye candy! Not to mention how incredibly SOFT it is - and slippery as a result, so it may have trouble staying put on my shoulders! I am definitely eager to use this yarn in some other projects as well, stuff that needs that kind of stretch it provides. I have a pretty good supply of Dancing sock yarn from Knit Picks that I am thinking would work well paired with this yarn for a stretchy fitted tank top, so that is close to the top of my "to do next" list.

(click on the pic to see a larger version):

So there's my current progress. Next chance I get, I need to sit down and draw up a list of all those items I have had circling around in my head hollering for me to do it next. Maybe if I get it organized into a list with some kind of prioritizing scheme, I will be able to quit driving myself nuts with distraction over them all and actually start to chip away at that list!

If I get a chance later, I'll try to provide a bit of an update on the other areas of my life. But for now, I am already running behind in getting out to take care of my general "to do" list for today! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope all is well in your lives and that the yarn flows smoothly through your fingers!


  • At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    What were you interviewing for?

  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger jaclim said…

    Gee, Deb! Don't be too hard on yourself. You should see my WIPs and UFOs! It's normal for me to have at least 3 projects working at the same!!!!! I can't wait to see you finish one but I'm not pushing you. ;-)


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